Surround Oneself With Excellent People And Achieve Excellent Results

The first word that should be noted in this blog is simply this…Wow.  I am a geriatric clinician currently working in an inpatient psychiatric setting in a hospital.  During my quest for knowledge and wisdom on cultivating a speaking career based on my clinical knowledge, I have run into some absolutely incredible people along the way.

First, I would like to thank Tammy Redmon, who allowed me to ask her a billion questions on the phone a few months back.    Tammy is an Executive Coach & Business Growth Strategist.   I found her through the Twitter service, though you can find her website is at Redmon and Associates.  Tammy was invaluable in providing me with guidance that is helping me to this day.  Thank you Tammy.

I have got to give BIG thanks to Bertalan Mesko, creator of ScienceRoll, whom provided me with my first virtual speaking opportunity within the Second Life platform.  I have provided an endless number of trainings and presentations in real life, but this was truly different, and SO EXCITING!  The setting was located inside the Ann Myers Medical Center in Second Life on February 7, 2009.  I spoke on “Improving Communication With Cognitively Impaired Patients”.  It is one of my favorite topics because of its relevancy to all fields of practice and study, and proved to be a great topic within this platform and setting.  Thank you so much Bertalan.  You probably don’t realize how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me.

Just over the past few days, I have connected with so many people that have been simply great.  Gina Schreck with Synapse3Di gave me SO much good information.  I can’t wait to work with you more Gina!  Kimberly Winnington with Sand Castle Studios got me even more fired up about presenting more in Second Life, and if not for her, I definitely would not have stayed up tonight to create this blog.  Kimberly, thank you for offering me the writing opportunity of which I am greatly looking forward to.  There is no way to list all the remaining people that I have come in contact with.  It’s just amazing.

In the process of carving out a niche for myself in the speaking world, I am finding it to be challenging and rewarding on a level I did not know was possible.  Though I definitely am feeling the positive energy,  I will now choose to turn off my computer and get some sleep.  For if I don’t function well in my current job, there will be no funds to continue enabling the internet access to flow.