Importance Of Fall Prevention

Training healthcare professionals and family caregivers on ways to prevent differing types of dementia is one of my favorite things in life.   For example, when explaining the link between heart health and the avoidance of Vascular Dementia, it is often something a person has never even considered.  Fall prevention efforts made to avoid bodily injury is often at the forefront of caregivers minds, though doing so to avoid Dementia Due To Head Trauma is not.

There have been many articles written over the past few months that address this topic.  I am posting messages on my Twitter account today that contain links to some of these articles.  If you know of any websites / articles / materials that address fall prevention, please either direct message me on Twitter or email me at as I am putting together an updated training and would greatly appreciate your collaboration.  Any comments / tips are welcome on this post as well.

Thank you all,