Following Changes In Health Information Technology

Recently I’ve become more and more interested in following news related to HealthIT changes and their implications.  I’m excited about the role of technology in providing more effective and efficient care as the possibilities seem to be becoming more and more infinite.    Though in choosing outlets to digest HealthIT news,  one quickly runs into an ocean of black and white perspectives with not much gray to be found.  I am referring to those that either speak in terms of technology progression as being imperative without acknowledging negative implications or those having viewpoints based in ignorance resulting in fear of change altogether.

If you are interested taking in global perspectives that focus on an innovative approach to HealthIT integration,  I suggest following these twitter accounts;  KentBottlesahierkevinmd, and berci.   HealthIT is by no means all that these professionals focus on, though even when commenting on other topics, their information always encourages inspiration no matter what realm of healthcare you are associated with.

For all my eldercare product & services providers out there,  a great start to formulating your viewpoint on HealthIT would be to read the article,  “The Health IT Paradox:  Why More Data Doesn’t Always Mean Better Care” by Dr. Zachary F. Meisel.  It utilizes an example of an elderly woman being brought to the ER with minimal information to assist with diagnosis that demonstrates current issues related to HealthIT very well.